Home Staging: Lessons from Southeby’s

Realtors and home buyers have seen their share of poorly photographed homes on the market; the lack of smart home staging and good lighting are often the reason. If you’ve read our Ten Tips for Selling Your Home, you know that there are important factors that improve your likelihood of selling your home quickly. One real estate office that gets it right is Sotheby’s. While they often represent the high end client, their agency insists on great marketing images and their listings offer several takeaways.

1) Clean Surfaces. A home should be sparkling clean for future buyers, it sends a message that the home is well cared for. Maintaining clean surfaces is more difficult when living in the home you’re selling, so keep a cleanser caddy handy to quickly wipe down countertops, tables, and furniture before potential buyers arrive.

2) Keep Décor Simple. You want your future buyer to envision their things in the space, keep art and accessories to a minimum so they don’t detract from a successful photo shoot or open house.

3) Neutrals For the Win. Not everyone loves bright colors so reconsider bold paint colors you’ve applied to the walls and refresh with a pale neutral, the effect is calming to future buyers and they won’t have that “Well I’ll have to paint this” feeling that diverts from a quick sale.

4) Highlight Features  A pretty view or architectural features enhance a home’s value, so make them a focal point in a home’s staging. Opt for simple airy curtains pulled to the side instead of heavy window treatments. To showcase built in cabinetry, keep bulky furniture or clutter away.

5) Include the Outdoors  In fair weather, everyone loves to spend time outdoors. Staging outdoor living with a place to dine or lounge makes a property more applealing and helps a future buyer imagine themselves in that space too.

image sources from Southby’s: 1 / 2 / 34 / 5

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