Decorating with Analogous Color

Today the focus is on analogous color mixing. Analogous colors are those adjacent to each other on the color wheel and these examples below show this method of mixing color is another no fail way to combine hues in successful pairings by partnering your color of choice with its closest neighbor.

Using complementary colors often adds energy to a space because your mixing opposites on the color wheel, a cool color with a hot/warm one. Decorating with analogous colors can either create a soothing space when the hues are pale, muted, or cool tones, or the technique can be invigorating when the analogous combinations are bold, saturated, or hot colors.

A popular analogous color combination is blue and green, the colors reminiscent of the sea, sky, and the botanicals we are drawn to in the great outdoors.  

blue and green bedroom

jennifer flanders

blue and green dining room

better homes & gardens

blue and green sitting room

rachel reider

blue and green sitting room bhg

better homes & gardens

blue and green living room

bowley builders

Violet sits on the other side of blue as its neighbor so shades of purple or lavender always play well with blue hues.

lavender and blue bedroom

amanda nisbet

Things get exciting when a third analogous color is introduced into a space, for example look at the green + blue + violet medley. The blue plays middleman while green and violet accentuate, deep saturated hues make a bold statement, lighter or muted shades combined with neutrals or white are more subdued.

green blue purple dining room

katie ridder

green blue purple living room

rachel reider

blue green violet living room

katie rosenfeld

lavender blue green sitting room

lg interiors

Any color can be the center of an an analogous color trio, below are examples of mixing green + blue + yellow.

rachel reider blue entry abstract art

rachel reider

blue green yellow in living room

deborah w llewellyn

Pinks and oranges are hot colors and attention grabbing indoors just as much as they draw our eye in nature (think sunsets and summer garden beds in bloom). A vivid pink and orange combination will energize, a mix of paler tones like blush and apricot is a softer more soothing approach.

pink and orange bedroom

angie hranowsky

bright pink and orange bedroom

amanda nisbet

pink orange bedroom

artistic design for living

pink orange accents on deck

interior desires

Decorating with analogous colors is a favorite of mine in my own home especially the blue and green medley, I never get tired of it. What’s your favorite analogous color combination?

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