Ten Tips for Selling Your Home

I’ve invited Matt to share some tips with you since he’s the guy with all the knowledge on this subject – he’s a real estate appraiser and broker (yep both!) with over 25 years experience.  I asked him to contribute some of his knowledge so he was kind enough to write up this article forContinue reading “Ten Tips for Selling Your Home”

Kitchen Design: Alternatives for Upper Cabinets

For so long we’ve defaulted to the style of upper cabinets with closed doors in kitchens, then about ten years ago floating shelves began surging in popularity as a replacement. I wrote a post eight years ago questioning whether open shelves were timeless or trendy in kitchen spaces, and back then people had opinions. Looking backContinue reading “Kitchen Design: Alternatives for Upper Cabinets”

The Best Home Improvements for Resale

I was asked by a reader recently about improvements to make to her home before they put it on the market for sale. This is a really common question, every homeowner wants to know what to do to increase the resale value of their home so it stands out, sells quickly, and you get theContinue reading “The Best Home Improvements for Resale”

Decorating with Analogous Color

Today the focus is on analogous color mixing. Analogous colors are those adjacent to each other on the color wheel and these examples below show this method of mixing color is another no fail way to combine hues in successful pairings by partnering your color of choice with its closest neighbor. Using complementary colors oftenContinue reading “Decorating with Analogous Color”

Decorating with Monochromatic Color

Do you ever look at a space and love it but feel overwhelmed in trying to recreate it? Often it’s the designers mix of pattern and color but there is one way to simplify the process and that’s with monochromatic decor. A medley of color is wonderful, but so is tone on tone or singleContinue reading “Decorating with Monochromatic Color”

Five Reasons to Invest in New Windows

On my list of things to get excited about, room reveals or seasonal decorating certainly rank higher than home improvement projects like toilet repair or how to install a sink. The topic of new window and door replacement was equally dry to me but I’ve had a change of heart on the matter. I nowContinue reading “Five Reasons to Invest in New Windows”